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I LOVE MYSELF some Costco. Meal Prepping does take time and energy but it’s worth it. It not only helps my body stay on track but it also does wonders for my mind. You can’t control the chaos in the world but you can stay on top of it in your own home. I am always consistent with having healthy items in my fridge and making my bed in the morning.

By making my bed I feel like it RESETS my day and helps me stay focused when I have anxious moments. When I do have anxious moments I have been known to mindlessly eat, but if there isn’t junk in the fridge, anxiously eating hard boiled eggs isn’t the end of the world. Here are a few more Reset strategies to think about that I discuss a lot in the book:

Review Your Day’s Meals – Are they giving you the energy you need? Are you feeling lethargic or energized after a meal? Are you craving junk food or sugar? Asking these questions will help you identify the changes you need to make for the days ahead.

Think Protein And Fiber For Meals – Consuming fewer calories, especially at dinner, can help you feel full and not store those extra calories as fat. Pairing lean protein with high- Fiber vegetables at each meal will do the trick.

Before You Go Out To A Restaurant – Look at their menu online and know what you are going to order before you go. The other option is to know what you are going to eat and NOT open the menu at all. It can be too tempting, especially if there are pictures throughout the menu.

Make A Grocery Shopping List – Keep a pad handy on your counter so you can write down the foods you need or are about to run out of. This will help you stay focused and lower your grocery bill.

Stock Your Pantry And Refrigerator With Healthy Foods – Make sure you can always grab a quick meal no ma er what time of day it is. Eating healthy should not make you anxious or stressed out. Keep hard-boiled eggs handy; Greek yogurt and berries, and grilled chicken breast and roasted sweet potatoes are always good options.

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy – When it is late afternoon and you are feeling tired and stressed, give your body some good nutrition to improve your mood. A good choice is a small apple with one tablespoon of ground almond butter. YUM.

Think “Whole Foods” – Highly processed foods are full of sugar, trans- fats, sodium, and preservatives, additives and often fillers. These are all bad for your health and can trigger cravings. Eating whole foods is the way to prevent food addictions.

Keep Emergency Foods On Hand – If you have a long day ahead, make sure you do not go anywhere without food. Keep a cooler in your car for fresh vegetables and hummus or stash a small bag of almonds in your computer bag. I have friends that keep string cheese in their purse when we go out…because they know I need to eat every few hours!

Time Your Meals – The best way to burn body fat is to eat smaller meals no longer than 3-4 hours apart to keep you metabolism running at optimum levels. Make sure you consume adequate amounts of protein with plenty of water to support lean muscle.


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