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Whether it is a holiday or special occasion, you might be the type of person who honors those you love with gifts, cards or other special items, however, you need to honor the most important relationship there is – the one you have with your own body.  Love your body unconditionally as you create positive and permanent results with your physique.  When I say, “forgiving someone,” I am talking about “forgiving yourself.”  That might sound simple, but if you are like most of my clients on their weight loss journey, you can be relentless when it comes to criticizing yourself, specifically your body.

When you let go of the shame and guilt about how you look or what you might have done to your body over the years, you enter a world of positivity and love that will help you create the healthy body that you so desperately want and deserve.  When you forgive yourself, you can release negative judgments and you are less likely to act on those negative feelings.  It becomes second nature to take better care of your body.  When you love yourself unconditionally and forgive yourself more easily, you are more likely to eat healthier foods, treat yourself to a workout, and be more compassionate to YOU.

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On the other hand, when you are feeling sad, depressed, or angry towards yourself, you are more likely to turn to junk for comfort or even to punish yourself.  Those negative feelings can get out of control, quickly turning you into a victim instead of being in charge.  When you develop the habit of forgiving yourself, you will notice subtle changes in your health.  You no longer rely on junk food for comfort.  When you love yourself, you are less likely to skip that body sculpting class at the gym or your personal training session.

Forgiving yourself takes persistence and patience.  Be open to the healing power of forgiving yourself.  Love yourself and bring peace to your heart and mind.  Remember, happiness comes from within.  Here are some strategies to consider:

Be Willing To Release Self-Hatred Of Your Body:  Forgiving yourself is about being willing to release shame, self-hatred and guilt about your body.  Set an intention to do this today.  Simply say, “I forgive myself.”  Love yourself fully and treat yourself with kindness.  Stop berating yourself and stop the cycle of emotional eating.  When you forgive yourself, you take charge of your health and your life.

Focus Your Attention On Your Heart:  It is easy to fall back into old patterns of unhealthy eating or not exercising. Should this happen to you, do not dwell on negative feelings or thoughts and remind yourself that you can stop right now.  Take a deep breath and turn your attention towards your heart.  Think about a happy memory or someone you love.  It can help you feel calm right away and forgive yourself.


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